Should Assignments be banned in Engineering Course


So, what comes in your mind when you hear the word Assignment? I hope that your first reaction will be to remember your submission days in college when you were submitting your assignments at the last moment.

By the way Assignments is just another addition to the already long list of submissions required in the professional courses. Many of my faculties tell me that assignments are a way of testing your grasping of the subject knowledge. But don’t we do have an “army of exams waiting to take us in their thorny arms?”

I believe that assignments are an unwanted, useless and unnecessary stuff in our college days.

In a typical engineering classroom there is one student whose assignment is called as the master copy. This is the copy from which the rest of the class copies the assignment thus killing the sole motive of writing the assignment.

Few points regarding assignments:

An assignment can be touted as a means of preparing the student for writing the correct and to the point answer in the exams.

But in most of the engineering classrooms students click photos of the scholar student’s assignment and write from it without even being aware of what he/she is writing.

I believe that as long as this copying system remains in our education system the purpose of writing assignments will be killed.

An assignment written by an engineering student without understanding is equivalent to some pages written by a class 5th student to improve his/her handwriting.

At the end I will like to recommend that if assignments are to be continued in our education system then steps should be taken so that a student has an inner feeling to write assignment on his own.

Few real life situations we all must have seen:

We all have that one odd friend who has written ‘scores’ of pages of assignments of various subjects and at the last day of submission he is unable to mark out which page belongs to which assignment.

We all have seen friends who write assignments while listening to loud music and don’t know what or why are they writing.

“Assignments are an additional burden to the already burdensome educational system unless steps are taken to encourage the students to write assignments on their own.”


3 thoughts on “Should Assignments be banned in Engineering Course

  1. (Read in sunny deol style %taarik pe taarik%)
    %%Assignment pe assignment,
    Assignment pe assignment,
    Assignment pe assignment,
    My lord!!!! is assignment ke khel me Engineeroo ka future dab chuka he.
    Meri ye apse darkhast he ki in assignments ko radh kardena chahiye.%%

    Bhai !! puch mat yar ban karde in assignmento ko, koi bhhi fayda nahi ho rraha he inse.
    Tu jab poltical leader banega na to pehele yahi kam karna.

    This clerical work wastes our time because we write it without understanding, so better ban it.
    Thanks for the post and you must read my first post too, it is for the Engineers.

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