Dirty Politics


Politics is a term with which most of our Indian Youth won’t want to connect at the first place.

But it is also a field that has the immense power to liberate India from Poverty and Unemployment.

Politics may be classified in two parts in lay man’s language: People oriented politics and dirty politics.

So what is dirty politics?

Politics as a whole cannot be termed as dirty but it is because of a few politicians who make it dirty. These type of politicians Dream Power, Breathe Power and Sleep Power. Power is everything to them. It is money, position, and a Short Cut for them to get their things done.

While in reality Political Power is something that when used and channelized in the proper direction towards upliftment of the poor, downtrodden and the ignored sections of society can prove as a boon for our country.

I believe that politics is a field in which every young person in our country must actively participate.

Dirty politics is that kind of politics that is fought on the issues of religion, caste, creed, race and community. Dividing the people on the lines of religion and caste is the hallmark of dirty politics.

Dirty politics is that kind of politics practised by some politicians just to grab power without any vision for the electorate. The politician worries only and only about votes and his “KURSI” while totally neglecting the electorate and their issues.

Dirty politics happens when some politicians give out hate speeches, stupid remarks justifying rape and when they objectify women.

Dirty politics happens when the elected leader underestimates the power of people thinking himself to be above law of the land.

Politics takes its dirtiest form when the politicians milk peoples’ hard earned money and plunder crores of rupees of hard earned tax payers’ money.

Dirty politics happens when a leader promises something before the elections and retracts from his promise and thinks that people are fools.

The youth should wake up from their slumber and should lead the path in freeing the country from such politicians wherever they are present.

Indian youth has tremendous power and self belief. He must not underestimate his capacities to effect change. As a hindi movie dialogue says” If you want to change the system then you have to be a part of that system.”

At the end I will like to say that politics is a field that youth must take part in it and ensure that politicians never ever underestimate the common peoples’ power.


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